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Petra Bookkeeping is dedicated to managing the books for service-based companies in the construction industry. We will show you how your business is really performing as well as your profitability on your jobs/projects. Not only will you know your bottom line, but you will know what your cash flow is, where it is coming from and how to leverage it.

You will be able to make proactive decisions instead of reactive decisions. You will take control of your finances instead of the finances controlling you.

Some of our bookkeeping services include:

Initial Set Up and Historical Clean Up

We will set your business up in QuickBooks Online which includes importing your information from QuickBooks Desktop. Any previous transactions not recorded or reconciled will be completed.

Adjusting Journal Entries

Posting Adjusting Journal Entries and working with your CPA at year-end to match the books with their changes.

Credit Card Activity Recorded

Credit Card Activity is entered and reconciled. Balances managed monthly.

Loan Amortization

Loans will be recorded and verified. The amortization schedule will be set to correctly reflect principle and interest expenses paid.

Payroll Entries

Using payroll reports to record and properly expense employee earnings and taxes paid.

Receipt Capture

We provide you with a software solution, where you can snap a picture of your receipts, make some notes about it, and have the receipts automatically uploaded to a secure cloud portal that your bookkeeper can access to record the transaction and attach the receipt to the transaction. Now you don’t to track down missing receipts!

Entry Level Bookkeeping

We record your revenue and expense transactions, reconcile your bank and credit card accounts, so that you can have peace of mind and use your time to focus on what you’re good at and to run your business better!

Maintenance of General Ledger

Daily activity is recorded, organized with a customized Chart of Accounts.

Bank Reconciliation

Transactions on the books are matched to the bank statements and outstanding checks reviewed.

Fixed and Noncurrent Assets

All Fixed and Intangible Assets will be recorded and updated. Depreciation and amortization determined by the schedule from your CPA.

Monthly Reports

After all your transactions are recorded, we provide you with financial reports (balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flow) and help you interpret the data so that you can make informed decisions and know the financial health of your company.

QuickBooks Training

Does your staff need training on how to use QuickBooks properly? We can train your staff on how to use the proper workflows inside QuickBooks so that your transactions are recorded correctly and your books are clean!


We are certified in QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Enterprise. We prefer using QuickBooks Online for our bookkeeping services.



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